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If your goal as a music producer or record label is to get your tracks heard and supported by influencial A list DJs and tastemakers, then our DJ promo services are vital.  Having tastemakers and A-list DJs spin your music can help get credibility, be heard by influential figures and their fanbase, which in turn can open up unique opportunities for you and your career.


DJ Promo Service

We specialize in promoting your music to a wider audience by leveraging our network of contacts, we can help you reach new fans, open networking opportunities, and build your brand.  UPMotion PR achieves this by delivering your campaign via the no1 DJ promo platform, Inflyte.  The benefits of using Inflyte is the DJ/tastemaker receives all their promo’s including ours in one central dashboard.


The Benefits

Increased visibility: Getting your music supported on radio, podcasts mixshows, clubs, festivals and alike by A-list DJs and tastemakers in the music industry, can greatly amplify an artist’s reach to more tastemakers and fans. You have a unique opportunity to get your music in front of people of influence and their fanbase.

Improved credibility: Working with UPMotion PR is the ideal way to establish your credibility as an artist and among the tastemakers your music is delivered too.  Receiving support from tastemakers can increase the recognition of your music amongst peers, record labels and A&Rs.  It demonstrates that you are serious about your craft and willing to invest in yourself, making you a reliable figure. When paired with professionalism, support from UPMotion PR can quickly launch an artist’s career and establish credibility.

Networking opportunities: Utilizing our service to send a DJ promo campaign can be a valuable asset for networking opportunities.  Your music will be sent to influential DJs and tastemakers and if they show support for your craft, you could easily strike up conversations that might result in exciting new prospects.  Artist collaborations and label signings have been initiated in the past through successful campaigns.


Accepted House Music Genres

Our accepted House music genres can shift slightly so always take them as a guide but we put them in place to give people a better idea of the type of music we are currently having the best success with.

Currently we are looking for: Tech House, Deep House, Disco House, Funky House, House Music (Classic sound e.g Frankie Knuckles, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry etc)

We also accept: Techno Music and Minimal House but these genres go through a stricter approval process.


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If you have any general enquiries click here , to submit music click here.

UPMotion PR Campaign ‘Support’
UPMotion PR Campaign ‘Support’